About Us

Energy FM is the local radio station for the Isle of Man, providing music and local news for a family audience.

The format of the station is 'Chart Hit Radio' and you will hear the latest chart hits as well as great tunes from the charts of years gone by..

Energy FM is not licensed by Ofcom, but we are regulated by the Isle of Man Government Communications Commission. We feel it may be useful that we also provide the information to the Manx public, although this is not a requirement in the Isle of Man.


Local News

Providing a news service seven days a week is a key part of the role that Energy FM plays in Isle of Man. We are also able to provide national and world news through IRN & Sky News. You can listen to news bulletins with local content on Energy FM at the following times:

Weekdays: 0730; 0800; 0830; 0900; 1000; 1100; 1200; 1230; 1300; 1400; 1500; 1600; 1700; 1730; 1800 with summaries at 2000 & 2200

Saturday: 0800; 0830; 0900; 1000; 1100; 1200; 1230; 1300 with summaries at 1500 & 1700

Sunday: Our news team are on a rota duty and will provide live local news across the weekend in the event of breaking news.

On the hour, every hour, at other times we broadcast national and world news direct from the Sky News Centre.

Our news team currently consists of Ben Sowrey, Tessa Hawley and Tanya Humbles. They can be contacted on any news issue, simply clicking here. You can read our latest local stories by clicking here.

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Programme Schedule

You can see the latest programme schedule for Energy FM by clicking here.


Outside Broadcasts

Energy FM believes that getting out of the studios and in to the community is what builds a closer relationship with our valued listeners. We aim to be live at even more events throughout the coming year and have invested in a network of broadcast ISDN lines and radio links to allow us to broadcast from virtually anywhere!

Energy FM provides live coverage of various sporting events. We also assist charities where possible with broadcasts and help businesses with product launches.



Energy FM plays a wide selection of songs from the sixties through to the present. The core of our output is music derived from the current charts and the past two years, however we feature many hits from the 80's and 90's - but you'll also hear iconic artists and songs from the past 40 years at various times.


Energy FM in the Community

A key element of Energy FM is being part of the community in the Isle of Man. We are involved in a number of charity initiatives, and will provide free announcements on local events in our "Your Isle of Man" What's On feature. This is broadcast during the daytime and weekends.




Energy FM transmits on VHF and is available Online.

The Transmission Provider is Energy Comms, which is a spearate company. They own and operate the Transmitters that carry the Energy FM Programme Service.

All frequencies are allocated by Ofcom and opearte by licence under the Wireless Telegraphy Act.

Frequency Location Power Pol Direction of max ERP
98.6 MHz Carnane 2kW M 315º
91.2 MHz Snaefell 1.2kW M 30º
93.4 MHz Jurby 2.3kW M 150º
98.4 MHz Ramsey 30w M 150º
105.2 MHz Ballasaig 30w M 170º & 310º
102.4 MHz Beary Peark 500w M 280º
105.2 MHz Mull Hill 100w M omniº

Main transmitters are in BOLD - Polarisation: M=Mixed (Horizontal & Vertical) V= Vertical

All of our transmissions are in stereo using the GE Zenith Pilot Tone system. Ofcom's Technical parameters can be found here. Energy FM's transmissions must comply with the Engineering code which can be found here.


Making A Complaint

If you would like to make a complaint about any issue regarding Energy FM, please contact The Chief Executive, in the first instance by telephone or by putting your complaint writing.

If you are still not satisfied, you can contact The Communications Commission, the Isle of Man Regulator of the Broadcasting Act. 01624 677022.


Click here for a copy of our Competition Rules.