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Champions Port survive battle in first Winter League match

Sat, 14 Oct 2017

Excitement and high scores were the order of the day as the Winter Indoor League got under way.

There were thrills aplenty in a titanic top division tussle at Kirk Michael where the home side came within five points of shocking champions Port St Mary.

Ashley Gardner notched a 99 for PSM along with club mate Kevan Kneale to ease them ahead but Perryn Watson pulled out a 99 too while there was a phalanx of 97s from Suzanne McKnight, Alex Trafford, Alisha Gale and the club's 12 year-old prodigy, Noah Mayne.

There were more straightforward wins in Divisions 2 and 3 as Kirk Michael's lack of strength in numbers let them down.


Kirk Michael v Port St Mary 

Division 1

99 Perryn Watson                    Ashley Gardner 99

97 Suzanne McKnight            Kevan Kneale  99

97 Alex Trafford                     Callum Grant 98

97 Noah Mayne                      Ben Kelly 98

97 Alisha Gale             Gary Knight 97

487                                          491


Division 2

94 Beth Gale               Jackie Gardner 96

90 Kevin Quinn          Ethan Kiernan 96

85 Colin Watson         Ean Brewis 96

                                    Derek Kermode 95

                                    Ryan Forrest 95

269                              478


Division 3

                                    Eddie Maddrell 95

                                    Juan Clague 95

                                    George Dalton Brown 94

                                    Tom Pirson 94

                                    Greg Beard



Humphrey hits a hundred at St John's

A perfect 100 from David Humphrey of IoMSC Douglas saw off Sulby with veteran Nick Brown scoring 99. Sulby's top gun was Teddy Sayle with 98.

Humphrey had the added pleasure of watching his son Matthew take part in his first match and notch a creditable 89.

Douglas bagged wins in all three divisions.


Division 1

IoMSC Douglas                     Sulby

100 David Humphrey            Teddy Sayle 98

99 Nick Brown           Will Quayle 96

98 Sharon Drysdale    Andy Mitchell 96

97 Martin Burns          Mark Cain 95

95 Matthew Roosen    Peter Webb 94

489                              479


Division 2

95 Mark Osborn          S Harvey 91

93 Tracey Skelton       Peter Faragher 90

93 Paul Perkins           Rod Forshaw 89

92 Sam Jones             

92 Christian Eaton

465                  270


Division 3

92 Keith Lowney

89 Matthew Humphrey




Laxey lay Sandsiders low


Over at Laxey Glen, Laxey powered past IoMSC Sandsiders and it looks, even at this early stage, that it may be a hard season for the St John's-based club as the effect of limited  numbers will influence their line-ups.


Laxey v IOMSC Sandsiders

Division 1

Laxey                          IOMSC Sandsiders

Division 1

98 Harry Creevy         Andy Traynor 93

98 Gemma Kermode   Phil Kneen      92

97 John Wood             Steve Callus 92

94 Gary Kneale           Norman Ormrod 88

92 Andrew Jessop       Graham Wyatt 88

479                              453


Division 2

91 Stephen Curphey   Terry Green     62

80 Bridget Kneale      

171                              62

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