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Happy Harry hits a hundred as Laxey get back on track

Wed, 19 Oct 2016

Winter League round-up


Sometimes he's a shooter and other times he's a team manager for the Island's teams as well as a coach, but the vast experience of Harry Creevy led the way as Laxey notched up wins in Divisions 1 and 2 of the winter league at Kirk Michael.

With both teams struggling for numbers on the night, the Commonwealth Games man's decisive ton was followed by consistently strong scores from his team-mates. Laxey thus atoned for defeat at the hands of Sulby in their opening fixture.

Suzanne McKnight was top scorer for Kirk Michael with 95 on a difficult night for the home side.



Kirk Michael lost to Laxey


95 Suzanne McKnight    Harry Creevy 100

91 Alex Trafford(J)         Stephen Curphy 96

91 Iliam Christian (J)      Andy Jessop 96

90 Perryn Watson          John Wood 95

89 Kevin Quinn              Gary Kneale  95


456                               482


Champions come good in Castletown


Port St Mary edged to victory against Castletown with three divisional wins.

In Division 1,  99s from Gary Knight and last week's centurion Derek Kermode were followed by Kevan Kneale and Juan Clague on 97 and 96. The top scorers for the home side with 98s were Ian Arthur and Trevor Taubman.


Port St Mary beat Castletown


98 Ian Arthur                  Gary Knight 99

98 Trevor Taubman        Derek Kermode 99

97 Steve Gardner          Ben Kelly 98

96 Richard Arthur           Kevan Kneale 97

96 Henry Qualtrough      Juan Clague 96


485                               489



Douglas do the business


In a tight match at the Sinclair Range, IOMSC Douglas pulled out the stops to beat IOMSC Sandsiders by seven points. Sandsiders took the honours in the division 2 fixture, though, due in part to their greater numbers of shooters available  on the night.


IOMSC Douglas beat IOMSC Sandsiders


99 Andy Traynor            Sharon Drysdale 99

98 Bill Jones                 Sam Jones (J) 98

95 Tony Kneale              Paul Perkins 97

95 Mathew Roosen (J)   Tracey Skelton 97

94 Phil Kneen                Christian Eaton (J) 97


481                               488


The half-term school holidays this month mean there is a break in Winter League action until October 31 but there are still other competitions running to keep rifle shooters busy including the Lady of Mann event. We also hope to carry a full report and photos on Monday's 101 Challenge Cup battle down south at Castletown in next week's Examiner.

Castletown have a bye in the next round of Winter League fixtures while IOMSC Douglas play host to Kirk Michael. Sulby will travel to Port St Mary and Laxey have a home match against St John's based IOMSC Sandsiders.



Old but gold in Veterans’ cup and Oake memorial trophy


In the recent midweek challenge match at St John's on October 12,  the Veterans’ Cup for over-50s was won by Eddie Maddrell, who beat Nick Brown by just two points.

Both men shot high scores in the elimination rounds, but it was Eddie who managed to clinch victory in the final round.

Meanwhile, special mention must go to new shooter Sue Keown who got the better of her nerves to beat Steve Callus in the first round. Her look of disbelief that she had got through does much to give new shooters the confidence to improve. Everyone is beatable so don't write yourself off, get out there and cause some 'shock waves' of your own!



Knock-Out Round

98 Tony Kneale  Barry Jones 94

98 Nick Brown   Richard Arthur 97

89 Steve Callus Sue Keown 93

Eddie Maddrell Bye



92 Tony Kneale  Nick Brown 94

93 Sue Keown 93 Eddie Maddrell 98



97 Nick Brown Eddie Maddrell 99


Oake Memorial Trophy (for over 60s)

After missing out to Eddie Maddrell in the Veterans’ Cup, 'Young' Nick Brown held his nerve to claim victory in the Oake Memorial Trophy, with an excellent score of 197/200.  Again, like Sue, he could not quite believe it, especially as he had to shoot the final card without any other competitors - not always the best atmosphere to achieve the best results, even in the pleasantly-lit surroundings of the excellent 15-yard Sinclair Range at St Johns.




Nick Brown       99, 98 = 197

Richard Arthur   96, 98 =194

Tony Kneale      97, 95 =92

Barry Jones      93, 97 =190

Steve Callus      89, 93 =182



Times they are a-changing


While it may not affect all target shooters on the island, the newly-announced ISSF rules changes for 2017-20 will have an impact on those taking part in the Easter Shoot next year. Rifle and Air Pistol competitors must say goodbye to their sideblinders while bipods will disappear from Rifle matches. 

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