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Excellent results from the NSRA BSA match

Wed, 27 Apr 2016

The IoM Rifle Association held their round of the NSRA BSA Cup on Monday evening at Sinclair and although this match is not marked on the Island, estimated scores will be confirmed in the autumn when the official results will be announced by the organisers. Some excellent estimated scores were posted by several locals led by Sulby Rifle Club junior, Fergus Coulter who dropped just 1 point from the possible 200.


Full estimated scores were:-

Fergus Coulter (J)(Sulby)         100, 99 = 199 x 200

Suzanne Curphey (Laxey)        98, 100 = 198

Harry Creevy (Laxey)              98, 99 = 197

John Wood (Laxey)                  99, 98 = 197

Gemma Kermode (Laxey)       98, 98 = 196

Mark Cain (Sulby)                   96, 98 = 194

Andy Potter (IoMSCD)             94, 99 = 193

Teddy Sayle (Sulby)                 98, 95 = 193

Peter Webb (Sulby)                 95, 97 = 192

Richard Arthur (CSTN)            94, 97 = 191

Thomas Clague (J)(IoMSCD)   91, 95 = 186

Bill Jones (IoMSCS)                 94, 92 = 186

Thanks must go to organiser for the evening, Barry Jones and Range Officer Brian Fozard for his range duties.


Results for NSRA Postal Leagues

            Barry Jones has forwarded the latest results for the three NSRA Leagues that are being contested by the IoMRA.

In the main team of 20 shooters, round nine happened to be a bye which lifted the team into third position behind leaders Perthshire and Herefordshire.


Team scores were as follows:-

Nigel Christian (CSTN)                        100

Robin McFee (CSTN)                           99

John Wood (Laxey)                              98

Richie Arthur (CSTN)                           98

Perryn Watson (KM)                           98

Suzanne McKnight (KM)                     98

Harry Creevy (Laxey)                          97

Mark Cain (Sulby)                               97

Andy Traynor (IoMSCS)                       97

Jackie Hamilton-Jones (Sulby)            97

Ashley Gardner (PSM)                        96

Will Jones (IoMSCS)                            96

Fergus Coulter (Sulby)                        96

David Humphrey (IoMSCD)                96

Thomas Clague (IoMSCD)                   96

Dave Bould (PSM)                               95

Kevan Kneale (PSM)                            94

Steve Callus (IoMSCS)                         94

Alex Trafford (KM)                              93

Barry Jones (Sulby)                             91


The junior quartet of Roosen, Trafford, Coulter and Clague have been consistently mid table throughout the winter months and round nine the results show a loss to Hampshire however, two of the cards had not been marked and we still await the amended result – a win would move the team into third position.


Results for round 9 of the Ladies League showed an excellent win over Kent County by 15 points for the five locals, with Perryn Watson hitting a full house into the bargain !


Results were:-

Perryn Watson (KM)               100

Shirley Caley (CSTN)               99

Suzanne McKnight (KM)         97

Tracey Skelton (IoMSCD)        95

Lauren Cooper (CSTN)            93


In the final round of the competition, a loss to Yorkshire unfortunately, dropped the team down to fourth in the league on aggregate scores but equal second on points however, the aggregate is used when equal scores are shown.


Results were:-

Suzanne McKnight (KM)         98

Perryn Watson (KM)               97

Tracey Skelton (IoMSCD)        96

Shirley Caley (CSTN)               94

Lauren Cooper (CSTN)            93       


Dates for your Diaries

Sunday May 1 will be the next IoMSC Monthly Handicap match and The Indoor Team Championships (40 shot scratch) will run concurrently.

Monday May 2nd will see round 2 of the IoM Shooting Club Monday evening competitions with the Empire Garage Tynwald Handicap,  The Osborn Carpets 600 and The Sadler Junior Championship.


The Isle of Man Rifle Association’s Sinclair Cup - Teams of 2 will be held on Sunday May 29, preparation and sighting starting at 10.15 am.




For those interested in mainland competitions, The ESSU Championships will be held at Bisley Camp on April 30 – May 2.

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