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Tue, 12 Apr 2016

With the roads closed in the afternoon due to the cycle race, the IoM Archery Club was restricted to a morning shoot. The round of the day was a Short Metric- that is 3 dozen arrows at each of two distances 50 and 30m, shot as part of the Club’s handicap league.

The handful of archers who turned out at Greeba were faced with strong winds and bitterly cold temperatures. The difficult conditions and the fact that three of the archers were breaking in new bows meant that scores were unlikely to be high.

Joy Gough the only woman shooting on the day coped best with the conditions, falling just a few points short of her pb. Joy recorded the highest scratch score of the day, although she was helped in this by Colin Moore who inadvertently put an arrow into the wrong target and therefore had to count it as a miss. After the handicap was applied Joy also took the overall win from Colin. Pete Mumford breaking in a new bow was nowhere near his best, recording the third highest scratch score of the day and finishing off the podium after the handicap had been applied.

Danny Cowin, the only senior Recurve archer on the day, recorded a personal best score for the round by dint of never having shot one before. After handicapping Danny had to settle for sixth place.

Three junior archers: Toby Young, James Hill and Jacob Brookes also braved the conditions to shoot according to age group. Toby and James shot a Short Metric III (30 & 20m), while Jacob shot a Short Metric IV (20 & 10m). Both James and Jacob were using new bows. Toby Young, while not up to his usual standard, managed to take third place overall after the handicap had been applied.

Results Short Metric Handicap: 1. J.Gough 1433 (72/631/19/7), 2. C.Moore 1425 (71/627/21/0), 3. T.Young 1408 (72/469/3/0), 4. P.Mumford 1401 (72/619/20/2), 5. J.Hill 1395 (66/400/2/1), 6. D.Cowin 1394 (70/506/3/1)pb, 7. J.Brookes 1390 (72/483/2/1).

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