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Archery Report

Tue, 12 May 2015

Due to family commitments the Record Officer was not aware that shooting had taken place on the 3rd of May. Bad weather saw the shoot cancelled but the storm blew through faster than anticipated and a handful of archers turned up in the afternoon to shoot a Long Metric Round as part of the Club’s Scratch League. The Long Metric consists of 36 arrows shot at each of two distances – 90 and 70m for the Gents , 70 & 60m for the Ladies. Junior Gent Josh Trafford shot the Ladies round which technically becomes a Long Metric I for him.

The weather was perfect to start with but deteriorated later in the day with the archers shooting their last dozen arrows in a light drizzle. Colin Moore, Pete Mumford and father and son Dave and Rhys Moore squared off in the Gents Compound Division. Colin was well off the pace but it was neck and neck between the other three. Pete Mumford had a 7 point lead over Rhys with Dave a further 4 points behind him at the end of 90m but Rhys came back strongly at 70m to record his first win with a compound bow. Pete and Dave fought it out until the last arrow with Pete securing second place by just 1 point.

Joy Gough was the only Lady Compound in evidence but she shot well adding 6 points to her pb for the round. Karen Lott was also on form in the Ladies Recurve Division adding 74 points to her pb. Junior Gents Josh Trafford was shooting the round for the first time and in spite of becoming very unwell during the afternoon recorded an excellent score.

Results 3rd May Long Metric/Long Metric I: Gents Compound – 1. Rhys Moore 72/612/18/4pb, 2. Pete Mumford 72/598/10/4pb, 3. Dave Moore 72/597/11/5, 4. Colin Moore 72/482/3/1. Ladies Compound Joy Gough 72/633/25/5pb. Ladies Recurve Karen Lott 72/577/9/5pb. Jnr Gents Recurve Josh Trafford 72/529/4/3pb.

Last Sunday was also reduced to a half day as wind speeds were expected to increase in the afternoon. The decision was taken to shoot a 720 round as part of the Club’s Handicap League. That is 72 arrows shot at a single distance, 70m for the Recurve archers and 50m for the Compound. The scratch results were subject to handicapping by the Records Officer using a brand new set of the fiendish World Archery Handicap tables. The results allow all archers, irrespective of age and discipline, to shoot against each other. The highest scratch Compound score went once again to Rhys Moore, while the highest Recurve scratch score went to Karen Lott. Karen was disappointed with her shooting but not only did she record a high score ,she added 51 points to her personal best for the round and took the win after the handicap was applied. All archers should be so disappointed. Josh Trafford like Rhys Moore was shooting the round for the first time. Joy Gough’s scratch score was a little down on her usual standard as she was trying out a new stabilization system. Danny Cowin, back after a week off, was unhappy with his showing but added 74 points to his pb.

Results 10th May 720 Handicap Round – 1. Karen Lott 1508 (72/557/5/0)pb, 2. Rhys Moore 1468 (71/634/24/7)pb, =2. Josh Trafford 1468 (72/492/4/3)pb, 4. Danny Cowin 1454 (71/478/3/0)pb, 5. Joy Gough 1429 (72/595/15/6), 6. Pete Mumford 1406 (72/620/15/8).

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