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Badminton Round-Up

Tue, 14 Apr 2015

The 2014/15 season has now come to an end with all titles decided.  The final league to be decided was mixed league four where Tynwald Celts A won by a margin of four games.

The annual dinner and prize presentation will be held at the Palace hotel on Saturday 18th April.

Results for week ending 27th March

Mixed Leagues

League 2

PWC Castletown/Abbey A 14 Microgaming Marown B 4

This seemed to be a match for reserve players for both clubs with Castletown/Abbey having five and Marown having three but it was Castletown/Abbey’s reserves which came out on top. Hannah Clague and Rhiannon Smith had a very close second womens losing out to Marown’s Isla Thomas and Bronagh Garritty 19/21 23/25 but both Clague and Smith helped their partners to win their mixed. Best matches of the night were at third and first mixed.  At third mixed Chris Gregory and Hannah Clague beat the  Marown pairing of Joe Garrity and Isla Thomas 23/21 18/21 21/9.  First mixed saw Castletown/Abbey’s Peter Hadfield and Lisa Watterson beat Darren Richards and Sharon Kelly 18/21 21/13 23/21.   Castletown proved they could still win without their regular first team women and first team men.  EW

Cannell Print Rushen A 8 Citywing Vikings B 13

Vikings started well when Neil Brew and David Buck won in two games 21/17 21/13 at second mens against YanchunWang and Michael Broadbent.  The other three level doubles all went to the third game with Rushen winning all three. At second womens Janet Corkish and Sarah Goldie beat Margaret Daughen and Yvonne Falconer 21/15 15/21 21/18.  First mens was even closer when Neil Ronan and Rob Mason won 10/21 21/13 22/20 against Mark Falconer and Alex Townell.  First womens saw a win for Carole Ennett and Kirree Ronan 21/17 14/21 21/14 against Kristina Buck and Fiona Brew. This gave Rushen a 6-5 lead at the half way stage. However it was Vikings who took all four mixed with two going to the third game.  At fourth Mark and Yvonne Falconer beat Wang and Goldie 21/18 17/21 21/14.  At third it was David and Kristina Buck victorious in two games 21/14 21/14 against Broadbent and Ennett.  Second was the other match which went to the third game and Neil and Fiona Brew won 17/21 21/16 21/11 against Mason and Corkish.  At first it was a win for Townell and Daughen in two very close games 21/19 22/20 against Neil and Kirree Ronan.  ER


League 3

CuPlas Callow St Ninians B 14 Celton Fencibles B 3

St Ninians finished their successful season with a great win.  Fencibles only success came at fourth mixed with Ben Clague and Chloe Teare winning 21/14 21/19 against a new pairing of reserves Jack Ralph Holloway and Lucy Carter.  The other success was second mixed which became a nail biter after St Ninians Simon Fletcher and Karen Wade won their first game easily 21/8 but lost their concentration in the second with Mark Quayle and Sarah Houghton stretching the game and winning 23/21. Flethcher and Wade regained their composure and took the final game to win 21/13. Special thanks to Mike Harrison who was determined not to play in a mixed team this season only as a much needed reserve but ended up playing most matches due to team injuries etc.  KW

Doehle Corporate Selborne B 10 Sulby Glen Sulby 10

League 4

Tynwald Celts A 12 Citywing Vikings C 9

Women’s Leagues

League 1

Citywing Vikings A 131 Microgaming Marown A 243

The Marown team of Olivia Avery, Angela Waite, Kath Kermode and Janet Sayle were always going to be too strong for a Vikings team who could only field one of their normal team Emma Nicholson. Due to a clash with a mixed B match three women from the C team Csilla Buck, Sam Spellman and Laura Parkinson ably and willingly stepped in. There were some good games played and they all went the way of Marown apart from Nicholson and Buck who halved the games with Avery and Waite 21/15 12/21.    SN

League 2

Doehle Corporate Selborne A 252  PWC Castletown/Abbey A 0 

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