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Badminton Round-Up

Tue, 10 Mar 2015

Mixed Leagues


League 2


Microgaming Marown B 0 Cannell Print Rushen A 16


League 4


Doehle Corporate Selborne C 5 Citywing Vikings C 13


Selborne's Raymond Gawne and Hameed Sulthan won second mens 17/21 21/13 21/18 against Alex Buck  and  Roy McLean, while Vikings' Mel McKnight  and  Georgia Foxton took second womens 21/16 21/15 versus Sue Young and Sue Richardson. At first mens Selborne’s Ray McMullen and Ean Crellin beat Derek Gray and Jamie Joughin 21/16 21/15. However Vikings further demonstrated their strength at womens as Csilla Buck and Sam Spellman won in two against Gill Young and  Fe Gawne.  Vikings title charge gained momentum taking all of the mixed. At second Selborne's Crellin and Gawne were a little unlucky losing 17/21 21/16 21/23 to Joughin and McKnight. RMcM 


League 5


Nationwide Michael B 7 CuPlas Callow St Ninians C 12


Kella Farms Sulby 7 Celton Fencibles C 11


Men’s Leagues


League 2


Doehle Corporate Selborne B 199 Microgaming Marown B 245


League 3


Celton Fencibles A 209 CuPlas St Ninians B 229





Designer Glass Castletown/Abbey B 226 Sulby Glen Sulby 183


Castletown Abbey B enjoyed an important victory over Sulby Glen Sulby on Monday gaining a maximum three points to ensure their place in League 3 next season. Zawar Hussain, playing up from Castetown's C team, made a particularly commendable contribution with four close losses and two notable wins 21/15 21/14 with Nick Thornley against Andrew Simpson and Stuart Clarke. NT

League 7


Tynwald Celts C 202 Citywing Vikings D 222


idesign Rushen C 189 CuPlas Callow St Ninians D 247


Women’s Leagues


League 1


Microgaming Marown A 247 Citywing Vikings A 193


Citywing Vikings A 159 Celton Fencibles A 239


Fencibles strength in depth has meant they have been unbeaten this season and this match was no different. Vikings did start off well with Samantha Murphy and Kristina Buck sharing the games 21/19 each with Jessica Li and Jodie Green. This was followed up with a 21/11 21/9 win for Fencibles Alex Bell and Philippa Li over Charlotte Dougherty and Margaret Daughen. Dougherty and Buck had a good win 21/16  21/15 win over Bell and Green.  Fencibles proved too strong in the remaining games winning them all to win the match 239/159 to give them a well deserved league 1 title.  SN


League 2


PWC Castletown/Abbey A 199 Doehle Corporate Selborne A 212


League 3


Doehle Corporate Selborne B 157 Citywing Vikings C 251





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