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Archery Round-Up

Tue, 17 Feb 2015

A dozen archers met at Onchan on Sunday to shoot a Worcester round as part of the Club’s Handicap League. The Worcester is shot on a black and white target scoring 5 down to 1. Arrows are shot in groups of five and the maximum score is 300. The application of a handicap allows all archers of whatever age or bow type to shoot on an even footing.

Joy Gough posted the highest scratch score of the day in the Compound division, dropping just seven points over the round. Karen Lott recorded the highest scratch Recurve score of the day. Karen went on to shoot in the afternoon and recorded a total for the Double Worcester that was only two points short of the Club Record she set last year. After the handicap was applied to her morning’s score Karen took third place overall.

Back from illness Charlotte Harris posted the highest junior scratch score of the day. After the handicap was applied she had to settle for fifth place. Josh Trafford continued an excellent Indoor season by setting a new Club Record for the Junior Gents Recurve Double Worcester. After the handicap was applied however Josh found himself in tenth place. Of the other junior archers Toby Young and Joseph Reaney were the stars of the day. Toby added 9 points to his personal best score for the round which secured second place for him after handicapping. Joseph Reaney did even better, adding 18 points to his pb to take first place on the podium after the handicap was applied.

Results Worcester Handicap – 1: Joseph Reaney 1453 (58/175/6)pb, 2: Toby Young 1444 (58/188/6)pb, 3: Karen Lott 1436 (60/281/42), 4: Joy Gough 1435 (60/293/53), 5: Charlotte Harris 1431 (60/255/26), =5: Peter Mumford 1431 (59/291/55), 7: Bradley Layton 1429 (59/245/26), =7: Colin Moore 1429 (60/288/48), 9: Dave Moore 1427 (58/287/55), 10: Josh Trafford 1424 (60/251/26), 11: Barbara Harris 1412 (60/247/21), 12: Rhys Moore 1370 (58/201/11).

Results Double Worcester – Ladies Recurve:  Karen Lott 120/560/84. Junior Gents Recurve: Josh Trafford 120/504/55 New Club Record.

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