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Badminton Round-Up

Tue, 10 Feb 2015

The season is now reaching a climax with the winners of three men’s leagues already decided. The winners are CuPlas St Ninians A in league one, Doehle Corporate Selborne A in league two and Tynwald Celts B in league six.  In the mixed leagues St Ninians B are now out of reach of the other teams and will claim league three.


Results for week ending 6th February..


Mixed Leagues


League 2


PWC Castletown/Abbey A 12 Citywing Vikings B 6


After winning the first end of a hard fought second men's doubles 21/17, Vikings Neil Brew and David Buck were unlucky not to close out the second, as Chris Gregory and Damian Peter battled back winning the next two 21/19 21/16. Meanwhile at first men’s, Castletown/Abbey’s Baillie and Fingal Watterson made light work of Mark Falconer and Alex Townell who were unable to find a way into either game. Both of the Castletown/Abbey’s men’s pairings maintain their unbeaten record so far this season. Vikings won second womens, Fiona Brew and Kristina Buck proving too strong for Pim Charoenchai and out of retirement Karen Murphy in two straight games. First womens was another three ender, Vikings Margaret Daughen and Lynda Cadamy snatched the first, but once again Castletown/Abbey came from a game behind as Karen Hassan and Lauraine Williamson went on to win the rubber 22/24 21/13 21/13. Vikings drew level at 6-6 after fourth mixed, as the formidable and still unbeaten pairing of David Buck and Kristina Buck defeated Gregory and Charoenchai 21/15 21/16. However, these were to be the last points of the night for Vikings. Fingal Watterson and Murphy came through a tough third mixed 21/15 21/18 against the experienced Neil Brew and Fiona Brew. Following suit, Peter and Hassan had an impressive 21/13 21/14 win over Vikings Townell and Cadamy at second mixed. In the final game of the evening, Vikings Falconer and Daughen fought well, but Baillie Watterson and Williamson edged first mixed 21/17 21/19. The 12-6 win sees Castletown Abbey A extend their lead over second place Vikings B and the rest of mixed league 2. (BW)


League 3


Sulby Glen Sulby 13 Celton Fencibles B 5


Doehle Corporate Selborne B 5 CuPlas Callow St Ninians B 14


After some long hard good quality games Selborne B lost 14-5 to champions-elect St Ninians B who won both womens in two.  Selborne’s Neil McMullen and Paul Griffiths both returning from illness were beaten 21/13 20/22 21/13 by Chris Birch and Calvin Smith. Roy Wilson and Ben Watterson were close to winning in two against Simon Fletcher and Mike Harrison, however class and experience told as the St Ninians legends won 20/22, 22/20, 21/6. Selborne's McMullen and Carol Kelly took fourth mixed 21/14, 21/17 against a promising young pair in Smith and Isla Crooks, while St Ninians' Birch and Pat Crease won third mixed in two. Watterson & Susie Stewart were disappointed to lose 23/25, 9/21 at second versus St Ninians Fletcher and Karen Wade. Finally St Ninians Michael and Alison Harrison won 21/13 14/21 21/15 against Wilson & Julie McLean. Congratulations to St Ninians on their title, Selborne B have a good chance of finishing second if they do well against Sulby in their final match. RMcM


League 4


Microgaming Marown C 11 Celtic Gold Peel A 7


Tynwald Celts A 13 Doehle Corporate Selborne C 5


Citywing Vikings C 15 Cannell Print Rushen B 3


Vikings had a good  win over against, sometimes, some very stiff opposition. Vikings second mens Matthew Bruce and Alex Buck won against Rushen’s Arun Mahaugam and Nick Fullerton 21/14 21/13. Vikings second womens Denise Foxton and Georgia Foxton beat Caroline Whitehead and Julia Carrol 21/6 21/13. At first mens  Vikings Derek Gray and Jamie Joughin beat Adrian Edwards and Yanchung Wang 21/15 11/21 21/16. Vikings Csilla Buck and Samanthan Spellman won against Amanda Munro and Annie Haworth 21/14 21/16 at first womens. Fourth mixed Vikings Buck and Foxton beat Fullerton and Carol 21/15  21/8. Bruce and Spellman won at third mixed against Mahaugam and Whitehead 21/17 21/17.  At second mixed Rushen had their only win of the night when Edwards and Munro beat Joughin and Foxton 14/21 21/12 21/12. First  mixed saw Vikings Gray and Buck beat Wang and Haworth 22/20, 21/15. RMcL


League 5


Nationwide Michael B 6 Celton Fencibles C 11


Men’s Leagues


League 1


Citywing Vikings A 165 CuPlas Callow St Ninians A 251


St Ninians have now secured mens league 1 and their very strong team of Neil Harding, Jonny Callow, Matthew Wilkinson and Avinash Chandarana had a comfortable win over Vikings A.  The closest games of the night saw Vikings Steve Quayle and Steve Allen take the first game 21/20 against Jonny Callow and Matthew Wilkinson before the St Ninians pair got into their rhythm to win the next 21/11.  Vikings Matthew Nicholson and Sam Mills had a good battle against Neil Harding and Chandarana with the St Ninians pairing winning 21/15 21/17.  Vikings require one point from their last match against Castletown/Abbey to stay in league 1 for next season. SN


Microgaming Marown A 231 PWC Castletown/Abbey A 229


League 2


Doehle Corporate Selborne B 168 Doehle Corporate Selborne A 249


League 6


CuPlas Callow St Ninians C 217 Celton Fencibles D 219


idesign Rushen B 167 Tynwald Celts B 236


Women’s Leagues


League 1


CuPlas Callow St Ninians A 218 Citywing Vikings A 220


Vikings were eager to secure some much needed points and the match was very close.  St Ninians Sue Domingo and Sarah Corlett beat Yvonne Irvine and Emma Nicholson in the first game 21/13 with the Vikings pair taking the second game 21/17.  The next two matches went the way of Vikings courtesy of Samantha Murphy and Charlotte Dougherty 21/19 21/17 and  Irvine and Dougherty 21/18 21/14.  Vikings Murphy and Nicholson won the first game 21/20 before St Ninians Nicola Wilkinson and Corlett took the next 21/11.  This left Vikings with a very slender three point lead going into the final two games. First match to finish was Vikings Nicholson and  Dougherty with a 21/15 21/14 win over  Corlett and Alex Domingo.The final match saw St Ninians Wilkinson and Sue Domingo beat sisters  Murphy and Irvine 21/14 21/14  but the sisters had done enough to secure a two point victory for Vikings.  Well done to Charlotte Dougherty on being unbeaten on the night.  SN


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