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Badminton Round-Up

Mon, 02 Feb 2015

A couple of convincing wins in mixed league 1 with CuPlas Callow St Ninians A retaining their unbeaten record and staying top and Celton Fencibles A elevated to runners-up position.


.Results for week ending 30th January 2015.


Mixed Leagues


League 1


Doehle Corporate Selborne A 1 Celton Fencibles A 16


Similar sort of story to previous big defeat - Selborne missing three regular team members, and although competing well in most games against strong opposition losing many close games, so not quite the thrashing the result appears to suggest.

Selborne’s John Cretney and Alex Lambie played really well during their 18/21 14/21 defeat at first mens to Kevin Harding and Andy Fairhurst. Fourth mixed saw a good battle between Selborne’s reserves (and left-handers) Paul Griffiths and Susie Stewart against Juan Corrin and Becki Hands before the Fencibles pair won 21/18 21/16. There was an identical score in the third mixed with  Fencibles Ian Hemensley and Phillipa Li beating Neil McMullen and Sarah Davidson.  Selborne' gained their only game through Lambie and Lisa Lewin at second mixed when they were beaten in three 21/16 12/21 21/10 by Harding and  Alex Bell. RMcM


CuPlas Callow St Ninians A 14 Microgaming Marown A 6


League 2


Nationwide Michael A 8 Cannell Print Rushen A 12


League 3


Celton Fencibles B 6 Doehle Corporate Selborne B 12


League 5


Kella Farms Sulby 14 Tynwald Celts B 4







Men’s Leagues


League 2


Cannell Print Rushen A 251 Microgaming Marown B 178


League 3


CuPlas Callow St Ninians B 252 Designer Glasr Castletown/Abbey B 125


League 7


Citywing Vikings D 219 idesign Rushen C 195


A close win for Vikings. Three of the matches were one all, with some surprising reversals of scores, and three were wins for Vikings. Vikings Josh Mills and Aaron Dougherty won against Rushen’s Fraser Cooper and Joseph Corkish 21/11 21/14. Jon Quilliam and Kyle Susaya drew against Rushen’s Ian Barnes and John Tyson 21/19 11/21. Dougherty and Susaya drew against Cooper and Tyson 21/17 13/21. Quilliam and Mills won against Barnes and Corkish 21/13 21/15 . Mills and Susaya drew against Corkish and Tyson 6/21 21/16. Quilliam and Dougherty won against Barnes and Cooper 21/10 21/17. RMcL


CuPlas Callow St Ninians D 209 Tynwald Celts C 236


Womens Leagues


League 2


PWC Castletown/Abbey A 163 Citywing Vikings B 234


Citywing Vikings B 249 Doehle Corporate Selborne A 192


League 4


Tynwald Celts A 252 Microgaming Marown B 0


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