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IoMSC Sandsiders pair put their name on the 101 Challenge Cup

Thu, 27 Feb 2014

The pairing of Richard Arthur and Bill Jones shooting for IoMSC Sandsiders, proved to be victorious in the finals of the 101 Cup at Laxey on Monday evening. The pair had an almost faultless match dropping just 13 points in the two round match with veteran Jones posting two 99’s. Previously, postal knockout rounds had been shot leaving IoMSC Douglas with three pairs in the match but unfortunately, two competitors for the Douglas team, Mark Osborn and Mike Duncalf, had to drop out due to other commitments and were substituted by Nick Brown and Keith Lowney. The first semi-final round draw saw Tracey Skelton and Martin Burns shoulder to shoulder, against Bill Jones and Richard Arthur, with Mike Clague and Nick Brown against Keith Lowney and Andy Potter. Skelton posted a 99 and Burns a 94 giving the pair 193 x 200. Jones recorded his first 99 of the evening and Arthur a 97 giving a win to the Sandsiders pair with 196. In the second Semi-final, Clague was disappointed with a 91 and Brown posted a 96, a total score of 187 to Lowney’s 92 and Potter’s 98 giving a semi-final win to Lowney and Potter 190 to 187. In the shoulder to shoulder final, Jones produced his second 99 with Arthur on 97, Lowney improved his score to 94 and Potter posted a 97, giving the win to the IoMSC Sandsiders pair, 194 to 191.
This competition has been an excellent competition to take part in and has been extremely well organised throughout by the Laxey Rifle Club. Special thanks must go to members of the Laxey Club, especially range officer, Charlie Kennish and scorers Judy Kee and Peter Clague, on behalf of the competitors – thanks goes to you all.

Kermode and Glover compete in the NSRA British Airgun Championships
Gemma Kermode and Rachel Glover have been competing over the weekend at the NSRA Airgun Championships at Bisley, Surrey and differing stories of the weekend emerged with Gemma, according to the results, producing a very creditable result of 403 made up from 4 details of  – 101.4, 99.1, 103.5 and 99. These scores are calculated using the metric system where the highest possible individual shot is 10.9. Out of her 40 shots, Gemma managed to hit 19 tens, 5 of which were 10.5 and above – a terrific achievement. Kermode claimed 12 place from a field of 37, in the finals just 8.9 points behind the eventual winner.
York based   Rachel Glover, on the other hand, had a very frustrating weekend when she renewed the gas bottle on her air rifle to find that it leaked and lost pressure causing her to pull out of the match. A disappointed Glover is not despondent and is looking forward to a 50 metre match in Wigan in a fortnight

Results from round 8 of the Ulster Counties
    With just 2 rounds left to shoot, locals are showing excellent results in this Northern Irish competition. I will list the Division, name and position of those locals involved and apologise in advance if I miss anyone.
Indoor League:-
Division 1 – Kevan Kneale (PSM) 8th,
Division 2 – Ashley Gardner (PSM) 8th,
Division 3 – Suzanne McKnight (KM) 8th, Richard Arthur (IoMSC) 1st,
Division 4 – Ashley Gardner (J) (PSM) 2nd, Chris Birtwhistle (CSTN) 5th, Harry Harrison (PSM) 6th, Jess Clague (SBY) 7th,
Division 5 – Mike Clague (IoMSC) 1st, Juan Clague (PSM) 8th, Lorrie Thompson (CSTN) 9th, Division 6 – Barry Jones (SBY) 5th, Tony Kneale (IoMSC) 7th, Gary Knight (PSM) 9th,
Division 7 – Kevin Quinn (KM) 3rd,
Division 8 – Chris Clague (SBY) 4th, Dave Bould (PSM) 7th,
Division 9 – Nick Brown (IoMSC) 4th, Mike Thompson (CSTN) 6th,
Division 10 – Steve Callus 1st, Fergus Coulter (SBY) 6th, Jaccie Hamilton Jones (SBY) 9th, Ean Brewis (PSM) 10th,
Division 11 – Perryn Callister (KM) 1st, Liz Jones (IoMSC) 2nd, Robin McFee (CSTN) 5th, Peter Lewis (PSM) 7th, Sandie Skuszka (PSM) 10th,
Division 12 – Tracey Skelton (IoMSC) 3rd, Graham Brown (PSM) 9th,
Division 13 – David Lord (KM) 10th,
Division 14 – Richard Faragher (SBY) 8th,
Division 15 – Illiam Christian (KM) 1st, Ronnie Fairbairn (SBY)  5th,
Division 16 – Alex Trafford (KM) 1st,
Division 17 – Rod Forshaw (SBY) 5th, Aaron Astill (IoMSC) 9th,
Division 18 - Jordan Kiernan (PSM) 4th, George Powell (PSM) 6th.
In the indoor Junior Leagues –
Division 1 - Ashley Gardner 2nd,
Division 2 – Illiam Christian 3rd, George Dalton-Brown 9th, Orry Kerr 10th,
Division 3 – Alex Trafford 1st, Callum Grant 5th, Patrick Kerr 6th, Aaron Astill 8th,
Division 4 – Jordan Kiernan 3rd, George Powell 6th.
    In the team Leagues, the Island have suffered somewhat with the team from Castletown now equal leaders in Division F but claim top slot on aggregate. Division B see the team of Birtwhistle, Mike Thompson and Lorrie Thompson loosing due to Lorries ill health and now sit at the bottom of the league. In Division C, we have both Sulby and Kirk Michael and the Sulby team of Jess Clague, Jones and Faragher lost their last match by a single point and now are in fifth position, just above of their northern rivals McKnight, Quinn and Callister of Kirk Michael Rifle Club. Finally, we have in division F, the Castletown team of McFee, Handscombe and Lauren Cooper who, as I have mentioned are leading, on equal points with East Antrim but have a 22 point advantage on aggregate.
50 metre
    The Island shooters are producing some good results in the 50 metre league and in Division 1 – Mike Duncalf has an excellent lead with Bill Jones in 8th,
Division 2 – Tom Lord 2nd, Ashley Gardner 4th,
Division 3 – Barry Jones 4th, Richard Arthur 5th, Perryn Callister 6th, Mike Clague 7th, Division 4 – Dave Bould 3rd, Tony Kneale 4th, Steve Callus 6th,
Division 5 – Illiam Christian 1st, Andy Traynor 2nd, Alex Trafford 4th, Liz Jones 5th,
Division 6 – Tracey Skelton 1st, Aaron Astill 8th.

Duncalf continues to lead the Indoor League Championship
    The following top 20 league positions are taken from the Isle of Man Rifle Association web-site and relate to the matches up to Monday February 10th and all scores are to count. This will alter no doubt, at the end of the season on March 17th when the allowance of dropping the lowest 2 results in each case will be calculated.
1 – Mike Duncalf (IoMSCD)1080 x 1100,
2 – Harry Creevy (LXY) 1078,
= 3 – Richard Arthur (IoMSCS) 1072, Mark Osborn (IoMSCD) 1072,
5 – Marion Jones (IoMSCS) 1070,
6 – Bill Jones (IoMSCS)1069,
7 – Ashley Gardner (J) (PSM) 1067,
= 8 – Suzanne Curphey (LXY) 1066, Andy Potter (IoMSCD) 1066,
10 – Tracey Skelton (IoMSCD) 1063,
11 – Kevan Kneale (PSM) 1062,
12 – Nigel Christian (CSTN) 1060,
 = 13 – Orry Teare  (SBY) 1059, Mike Clague (IoMSCD) 1059,
15 – Jess Clague (CSSKS) 1057,
= 16 – Suzanne McKnight (KM) 1056, Mark Cain (SBY) 1056,
18 – Stephen Curphey (LXY) 1055,
19 – Thomas Clague (J) (IoMSCD) 1055,
20 – Illiam Christian (J) (KM) 1050.
In the Ladies Championship :-
1 – Marion Jones 1070,
2 – Suzanne Curphey 1066,
3 – Tracey Skelton 1063,
4 – Jess Clague 1057,
5 – Suzanne McKnight 1056,
6 – Judy Kee (LXY) 1026,
7 – Bridget Kneale (LXY) 1018,
8 – Lauren Cooper (CSTN) 985,
9 – Perryn Callister (KM) 952,
10 – Liz Jones (IoMSCS) 934.
In the Junior Championship :-
1 – Ashley Gardner 1067,
2 – Thomas Clague 1056,
3 – Illiam Christian 1050,
4 – Alex Trafford 1001,
5 – Aaron Astill 983,
6 – Duncan Watterson 966,
7 – George Dalton-Brown 947,
8 – Fergus Coulter 946,
9 – Jonathan Webb 940,
10 – James Hewison 918.

Division 1        W  D   L    Agg    Pts
Laxey            10  1   0   5344    21
Port St Mary        9    0   2      5357    18
IoMSC Douglas        8    0   3   5376    16    
Sulby            4    2   5      5300    10
Castletown        4    0   7      5283      8
IoMSC Sandsiders    3    1   7      5319      7
Kirk Michael        2    0   9   5239      4
Sulby Cossacks        2    0   9      5234      4

Division 2        W  D   L      Agg    Pts
IoMSC Douglas        9    0   2      5239    18
Port St Mary        9    0   2      5230    18
Laxey            7    0   4      5146    14
IoMSC Sandsiders    7    0   4      5103    14
Sulby            5    0   6   5121    10
Castletown        5    0   6      5086    10
Sulby Cossacks        2    0   9   4924      4
Kirk Michael        0    0   11 2941      0

Division 3        W  D   L   Agg    Pts
Port St Mary        11  0   0   4855    22
IoMSC Douglas        8    0   3   4360    16
IoMSC Sandsiders    7    0   4   3376    14
Castletown        5    0   6   4033    10
Laxey            5    0   6   2401    10
Sulby            3    0   8   2397      6
Sulby Cossacks        3    0   8   1805      6
Kirk Michael        0    0   11     85      0

Dates for your Diaries
The league matches continue next Monday and this will be the penultimate match of the 2014 season when Castletown host Kirk Michael, Laxey have the long trip south to Port St Mary, Cossacks entertain IoMSC Douglas and IoMSC Sandsiders welcome Castletown.
The final matches of the 2013/14 winter season will be on Monday March 17th when Sulby entertain near neighbours, Kirk Michael, Port St Mary host Cossacks, IoMSC Sandsiders travel south to the Stadium, Castletown and IoMSC Douglas host the probable league winners, Laxey.  
A. J. Osborn Trophy Handicap match
Wednesday, March 12th is the evening of The A.J. Osborn Snr Trophy match, which is a handicap match organised by IoMSC Douglas. Entries will be taken on the night at a charge of £3.00. The handicap will be based on the best 5 from your last 6 matches. Competitors are asked to be present by 7.30 pm for an 8 pm start.
Golden Jubilee
    Sulby are hosting the Golden Jubilee match on Thursday March 20th. This match is for juniors aged 18 years and under on September 30th. Competitors are asked to be present by 7.30 pm for an 8 pm start. There are no qualifying rounds for this, so just turn up on the night.

Isle of Man Rifle Association Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation
    The Isle of Man Rifle Association have announced the venue for the 2014 Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation. The event will be held on Saturday April 12th at the Wentworth Suite (the golf club) of the Mount Murray Hotel – 7.30 for 8 pm. A vegetarian main course is available and the ticket price is £24 per person. The Association have asked if interested parties could inform Lorrie Thompson of numbers at the earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment. Support from local clubs and friends for this event would be appreciated.
    On Monday March 24th, the NSRA BSA Cup and the Ladies County Medal Competitions will be held at IoM Shooting Club, Sinclair Range.  

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