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Archery Report

Tue, 18 Feb 2014

The Isle of Man Archery Club met on Sunday to shoot a Worcester round as part of the Club’s Scratch League. The Worcester involves sixty arrows shot in groups of five, at a black and white target, with scoring zones from 5 down to 1. The maximum score is therefore 300.

With Sarah Rigby and Aalin George electing to shoot a different round, only two women were involved in the Ladies Compound Division - Joy Gough and Kirsten George. Kirsten had a terrific morning dropping just 2 points to finish with 298. Joy started well but had an uncharacteristic miss in the fourth end which put an end to her chances.

The Gents Compound had the usual line up of Dave Moore, Pete Mumford and Colin Moore. All three shot well and there were only five points separating first and third. Pete had the best start with a maximum score over the first four ends. Dave Moore dropped one point in the first end but thereafter found the centre every time to finish on 299. Mumford dropped three points in the middle section of the shoot to come in second with Colin forced into third.

Karen Lott and Barbara Harris faced off yet again with both women experiencing problems to begin with. Lott had switched back to heavier limbs ahead of the outdoor season and had difficulty settling into a comfortable draw. Barbara, who seemed to be sleep walking through the first part of the shoot, found her bow reacting oddly. She shot twenty indifferent arrows before realising that she had put her bow limbs on upside down. A rapid re-assembly followed and Harris went on to take the win. Karen carried on shooting in the afternoon to set a Club Record for the Double Worcester.

The Juniors were also in action. Jack Tyrer, shooting in the morning session recorded a new personal best but had to settle for third place. Bradley Layton put last week’s disappointment behind him to take first place. Josh Trafford who was shooting with a new bow had to settle for second. Toby Young and Joseph Reany shot for third time on Sunday and can now be given a handicap.

Danny Cowin was the only senior Recurve archer to shoot the round on Sunday.

Tony Hartley, Pete Mumford and Dave Moore all shot a Portsmouth round using traditional bows. Tony, using a Mongolian Horsebow, took an easy victory almost 40 points clear of Pete Mumford in second.

Results Worcester:- Ladies Compound: 1.K.George 60 298 58, 2.J.Gough 59 289 53. Gents Compound: 1.Dave Moore 60 299 59, 2.P.Mumford 60 297 57, 3.C.Moore 60 294 54. Ladies Recurve: 1.B.Harris 60 261 25, 2.K.Lott 60 253 22. Junior Boys: 1.B.Layton 59 248 26, 2.J.Trafford  58 204 13, 3.J.Tyrer 59 192 8pb, 4.T.Young 36 109 9, 5.J.Reany 35 84 1.

Traditional Bow Scores: 1.T.Hartley 58 427 4, 2.P.Mumford 58 386 2, 3.D.Moore 58 360.

Double Worcester: Karen Lott 120 535 64 Club Record

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