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Mon, 17 Feb 2014

Each week now sees teams celebrating a league success. Duncan Lawrie Selborne A have clinched Mixed League 2. In the Womens Leagues Citywing Vikings C are League 4 winners. Two titles have been decided in the Mens Leagues with CuPlas St Ninians A winning League 1 and PWC Castletown/Abbey C on top of League 5.


League results for the week ending 14th February 2014.


Mixed League 1


Microgaming Marown A 7 Celton Fencibles A 13


Citywing Vikings A 14 PWC Castletown/Abbey A 4


With second to fifth places in this league being covered by only five games both teams were eager to put games on the board.  Vikings started off well with a win at second mens for David Craig and Steve Allen 23/21 21/15 over Damian Peter and Chris Gregory.

First womens was a forty five minute marathon with Lou Mellor and Karen Hassan taking the first game 21/18 against Jess Li and Charlotte Dougherty before the young Vikings combination fought back to take the next two games 21/17 21/15.  Vikings Sam and Yvonne Irvine had a good win at second womens which was followed by an impressive 21/18 21/18 win for Matthew Nicholson and Kevin Harding of Vikings over Baillie and Fingal Watterson.  Gregory and Lauraine Williamson took a good win at fourth mixed 24/22 21/19 for Castletown/Abbey but this was quickly followed  with a win for Vikings courtesy of Harding and Yvonne Irvine 21/11 21/13 at third mixed.  At second mixed Castletown/Abbey’s Fingal Watterson and Karen Murphy started very quickly against Allen and Samantha Irvine winning the first game 21/8 before mid way through the second game the Vikings pair turned things around to win 21/18 21/19.  Vikings sealed an excellent 14-4 win when Nicholson and Li got the better of Baillie Watterson and Mellor 21/18 21/19 at first mixed. SN


Mixed League 2


RL360 Rushen A 5 Duncan Lawrie Selborne A 14


Mixed League 3


Duncan Lawrie Selborne C 11 Tynwald Celts A 9


Selborne  narrowly won this at times hotly contested relegation battle with some long hard-fought yet 'friendly' games. Bit of a family affair for Tynwald Celts with four Callows in their team - firstly son Thomas paired up well with Dave Wilson to shade second mens 21/14 18/21 21/18 against Chris Ewan and Neil Keatings, while Selborne's Renee Michalogiannis and Gill Young beat Jo Smith and Isabel Barrie 21/9 21/17 at second womens. First mens had many long rallies before Selborne’s Ray and nephew Neil McMullen won 21/19 12/21 21/17 against dad Mark Callow and Brian Quirk. Next up mum and daughter Fiona and Bethany Callow got the better of Sue Young and Carol Kelly who unfortunately retired hurt during first womens. Selborne won the bottom two mixed, best being Ewan and Gill Young's win over Wilson and Barrie 21/15 21/18. At second mixed Tynwald Celts Mark and Bethany Callow 'got out of jail' winning 21/19 20/22 21/16 versus Ray McMullen and Sue Young, and finally Quirk and Fiona Callow took first 21/16, 18/21, 21/5 against Selborne’s Neil McMullen and sub Angela Guest. RM


Mixed League 4


Celton Fencibles C 5 Celtic Gold Peel 12


Men’s League 1


Citywing Vikings A 212 CuPlas St Ninians A 227


This was a very even match with Vikings starting with a good win for Kevin Harding and Steve Allen 21/13 21/13 which St Ninians followed up with a win for Jonny Callow and Simon Fletcher 21/14 21/17.  Vikings Harding and Sam Mills won the first game 21/20 against Chris Birch and Fletcher with the St Ninians pair winning the second game 21/10.  It was a similar pattern in the next match when Vikings Matthew Nicholson and Allen took the first game 21/20 with Callow and Gregg Harrison winning the next 21/14.  St Ninians’ Harrison and Fletcher won 21/16 21/19 against Allen and Mills with the final match being split when Vikings Nicholson and Harding won the first 21/14 with Callow and Birch winning the next 21/17 to give St Ninians a 227-212 win. SN


Men’s League 3


Sulby Glen Sulby 213 Duncan Lawrie Selborne B 233


Men’s League 6


Tynwald Celts B 215 Citywing Vikings D 230


RL360 Rushen B 156 PWC Castletown/Abbey C 246


Women’s League 1


CuPlas St Ninians A 241 Microgaming Marown A 216


Women’s League 2


Duncan Lawrie Selborne A 250 RL360 Rushen B 164


Women’s League 4


Tynwald Celts B 117 Citywing Vikings C 247



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