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Riffle Shooting - A Full House gives Brown the Oake Trophy

Thu, 12 Dec 2013

Winner of the Oake Trophy on Monday evening, Nick Brown
Winner of the Oake Trophy on Monday evening, Nick Brown

Shot on Monday evening, The Oake Trophy, a single scratch card match for those aged 60 years and over. The win went a delighted Nick Browns way when he posted his second full house of the season. The full result posted was: -

1 - Brown 100

2 – Barry Jones 97,

3 = Will Jones, Steve Callus and Tom Lord 96,

6 = Liz Jones, Keith Lowney and Lorrie Thompson,

9 – Tony Kneale 93,

10 – Mike Thompson 90. 


First round results of The Isle of Man Rifle Association’s postal competitions

            The November round of the IoMRA postal C. D and under 21 leagues are now marked but I am only able to bring you the first 3 or 4 of each of the leagues.

            Leading thee C League is Perryn Callister (Kirk Michael) and Dave Humphrey (IoMSC Douglas) both on 196 x 200 with Nick Brown and Tony Kneale 2 points behind on 194. The D League has Mike Clague (IoMSC Douglas) leading on 198 x 200 and equally in second position are Nick Kennish (Laxey) and Illiam Christian (Kirk Michael) on 196 x 200 with Martin Burns (IoMSC Douglas) posting 195. Nineteen year old Jess Clague (Sulby Cossacks) leads a very closely contested Junior League on 196 x 200, with Illiam Christian biting on her heels on 195 likewise, Fergus Coulter, Clague’s team mate, holding on to third slot with 194. 


Results from Round 3 of the Ulster Counties Small-Bore Shooting Association Short Range Individual Winter League

            Forty-three local shooters are competing in the Ulster Counties Small-Bore 22 Winter Leagues and the results for round three of the short range section, show some excellent performances from many of those entered. The results are that follows show the position that each local shooter is lying in each Division: -

Division 1 – Kevan Kneale (PSM) 7th.

Division 2 – Ashley Gardner (Snr) (PSM) 7th.

Division 3 – Richard Arthur (IoMSC Sand) 1st, Suzanne McKnight (KM) 2nd.

Division 4 – Ashley Gardner (J) (PSM) 2nd, Chris Birtwhistle (CSTLT) 4th, Jess Clague (CSSK) 7th. Harry Harrison (PSM) 9th.

Division 5 – Mike Clague (IoMSC D) 1st, Juan Clague (PSM) 7th, Lorrie Thompson (CSTLT) 9th. Division 6 – Barry Jones (S&D) 1st, Tony Kneale (IoMSC S) 4th, Gary Knight (PSM) 9th.

Division 7 – Kevin Quinn (KM) 5th.

Division 8 – Chris Clague (CSSK) 5th, Dave Bould (PSM) 8th.

Division 9 – Mike Thompson (CSTLT) 4th, Nick Brown (IoMSC D) 5th.

Division 10 – Fergus Coulter (CSSKS) 1st, Steve Callus (IoMSC S) 4th, Jaccie Hamilton-Jones 5th, Ean Brewis (PSM) 10th.

Division 11 – Perryn Callister (KM) 1st, Liz Jones (IoMSC S) 2nd, Robin McFee (CSTLT) 4th, Peter Lewis (PSM) 7th, Sandie Skuszka (PSM) 9th.

Division 12 – Tracey Skelton (IoMSC D) 4th, Graham Brown (PSM) 9th.

Division 13 – David Lord (KM)           4th.

Division 14 – Richard Faragher (S&D) 6th.

Division 15 – Illiam Christian (KM) 1st, Callum Grant (PSM) 3rd, Orry Kerr (PSM) 6th, Ronnie Fairbairn (CSSK) 7th, Patrick Kerr (PSM) 8th.

Division 16 – Alex Trafford (KM) 1st.

Division 17 – Dave Handscombe (CSTLT) 1st, Rod Forshaw (S&D) 5th, Aaron Astill (IoMSC D) 7th.

Division 18 – Jordan Kiernan (PSM) 1st, George Powell (PSM) 4th

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