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Badminton Report

Mon, 02 Dec 2013

Mixed Leagues


League 1


PWC Castletown/Abbey A 14 Citywing Vikings A 6


Fielding a full strength team, Castletown Abbey stormed to their first win in the top mixed league for at least 47 years (according to the wise all knowing club elders) as they attempt to secure their place in the league for next year. The evening started well for  Vikings with Charlotte Dougherty and Emma Nicholson pulling through a close match against Lauraine Williamson and Karen Murphy, claiming what was to be Vikings only victory of the night, while at second men's Damian Peter and Chris Gregory came through in three games to take Castletown's first points of the evening against reserves Neil Brew and David Buck. There were high quality matches at first women's and men's. Castletown brothers Fingal and Baillie Watterson continued their good form this season to beat Matthew Nicholson and Steve Allen while sisters Sam and Yvonne Irvine were unlucky only to add one point to the Vikings tally as Lou Mellor and Karen Hassan clinched a marathon battle 23/25 22/20 21/15. All four mixed matches went Castletown Abbey's way with comfortable wins at second and third mixed for Peter and Hassan and Fingal Watterson and Murphy respectively. At fourth mixed, points were shared, with Gregory and Williamson getting the better of Brew and Dougherty 21/13 11/21 21/12. Matthew Nicholson and Samantha Irvine came out of the blocks quickly at first mixed grabbing the first game 21/18, but Baillie Watterson and Mellor turned up the intensity to win the next two games 21/8 21/13. BW



CuPlas St Ninians A 14 Celton Fencibles A 2


League 2


RL360 Rushen A 12 Microgaming Marown B 4


Marown got off to a good start when Darren Richards and Chris O’Hanlon at second mens won two close games 21/18 26/24 against Adrian Edwards and Rob Mason.  Second womens saw Rushen’s Janet Corkish and Sarah Goldie have a comfortable win in two games 21/6 21/8.  First mens also went the way of Rushen in two games through Andy Bowers and Neil Ronan.  Rushen had a further win in two games when Carole Ennett and Kirree Ronan beat Sharron Kelly and Anna Robinson 21/10 21/15.  This gave Rushen a 6/2 lead at the half way stage.  Marown started the mixed well with O’Hanlon and Voirrey Minay winning at fourth in two close games 21/19 22/20.  The remaining mixed were all won in two games by Rushen. RR

League 3


Celton Fencibles B 12 Duncan Lawrie Selborne B 6


Citywing Vikings B 16 Duncan Lawrie Selborne C 2


Vikings were keen to secure as many games as possible in their quest to secure the league 3 title. They started off brightly with comfortable wins for David Criag and Neil Brew and Fiona Brew and Denise Foxton the latter unbeaten this season.  Vikings showed the strength in depth of their women with a 21/7 21/8 win at first womens for Margaret Daughen and Lynda Cadamy.  Selborne secured their first game of the night with Ray McMullen and Neil McMullen taking the first game 21/17 against Sam Mills and Mark Falconer, the Vikings pair edged the second 23/21 before taking the third 21/13.  Vikings took fourth, third and second mixed in two straight games. At first mixed Vikings Mills and Cadamy took the first game 21/9 against Neil McMullen and  Kelly before Selborne fought back to take the second game 21/13 with Mills and Cadamy winning the third 21/14. SN


League 5


Ayre Mowers Sulby 11 Tynwald Celts B 9


A close well fought match as the result shows. The mens and womens were shared equally between the two teams so at the half way point it was five games all with all to play for in the mixed. Fourth mixed Sulby pairing of Mylchreest and Livesy came through with a great win in three games against Cheung and Ansell as did first mixed Li and Strickett against Dawson and Clague. Third mixed was taken by Sulby in two games.  The closest match was at second mixed with just a point here or there – Kelly and Lewis(Celts) winning 21/18 21/19 against Sulby pairing of Clarke and Kelly. LS


Tynwald Celts B 9 CuPlas St Ninians C 11


League 6


Nationwide Michael B 10 Kella Farms Sulby 10


Men’s Leagues


League 1


Duncan Lawrie Selborne A 232 Microgaming Marown A 218




League 3


Microgaming Marown C 220 Sulby Glen Sulby 221


League 5


Celton Fencibles C 252 Duncan Lawrie Selborne D 163





League 6


Citywing Vikings D 196 PWC Castletown/Abbey C 231


Women’s Leagues


League 1


Microgaming Marown A 240 Celton Fencibles A 211


Some excellent games between two evenly matched teams. Best set of the night was probably  Marown’s Olivia Avery  and Angela Waite beating Abigail Li and Alex Bell 21/20, 21/20. Whilst Fencibles best result was Abigail and Philipa Li beating Olivia Avery and Kath Kermode 21/17, 21/15.


League 4


Duncan Lawrie Selborne C 207 Tynwald Celts A 243

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