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Fri, 22 Nov 2013


9:00am C&S Joinery Red v Magic Carpets @ NSC 1

C&S have been consistently performing well and as it stands Magic Carpets are down at the bottom of the league table.  Magic Carpets will make it difficult for C&S in this fixture but I can still see C&S taking the win here. 

10:00am Missfits A v SMP Ballasalla A @ NSC 2

With just a couple points between them I can see this game being very close but with Balla coming out on top. Balla have an all-round strong team but they will have to work hard to break down Missfits very gelled defence. Missfits have been struggling to convert attacking play recently so this is something that Balla will be looking to capitalise on in this fixture.

10:00am Route 1 Connections v C&S Joinery Blue @ Bemahague 1

Currently at the top of the League table Route 1 will want to beat C&S in this fixture. C&S have been improving every week and I think this is something Route 1 may be caught out on going into the game. Despite this Route 1 has got strong influences throughout their team and I think that they will take the win here.

11:00am Toomraiders v Thompson A @ NSC 2

Toomraiders are a very consistent team who’s attacking play will cause problems for Thompson in this fixture.  Going into this game off the back of a win, Thompson won’t make it easy for Toomraiders but I think on this occasion Toomraiders will come out on top.

11:00am SMP Ballasalla B v PWC Manx Gems Rubies @  Bemahague 2

Both teams here have had varied results so far this season and this game is going to be a close one.  Both sides have similar strengths and weaknesses but if I had to pick a winner it would be SMP Ballasalla for this game.


First Division

9:00am Fencibles A v C&S Joinery White @ Bemahague 1

Fencibles have been a strong team so far this season whereas C&S White have had a mixed bag of results. C&S will be looking to build on a respectable performance last weekend against Team DQ, however Fencibles should be too strong in this fixture.

9:00am PWC Manx Gems Emeralds v Fencibles B @ Bemahague 2

Unfortunately Fencibles B haven’t got off to a great start this season not managing a win yet. Emeralds had a good win over Anglo Manx last weekend and will be looking to further continue their winning streak and take the victory in this fixture.

10:00am Anglo Manx Electrical Services v Thompson B @ NSC 1

Anglo Manx haven’t got off to the best start with only one win so far this season and find themselves near the bottom of the table. Thompson B had a narrow win over Manx Glass last weekend and should also prevail here with another good performance.

11:00am Team DQ v Manx Glass Saints @ NSC 1

Both these teams have strong attacking play which could make for a high scoring game. Team DQ also have good key players midcourt which strengthens their side so I think that they will be taking the win on this occasion.

11:00am PokerStars v Absolute Scaffolding @ Bemahague 1

Pokerstars are continuing to improve their play through midcourt into attack and this is something that Absolute Scaffholding will have to watch.  Both teams will be looking for a win here but I think that this time Pokerstars may just take it.


Second Division

9:00am Marbree Motors v Missfits B @ NSC 2

After a good win last weekend Missfits will be on a high but given Marbree Motors consistent performances so far this season I think they will come out on top in this fixture.

10:00am PWC Manx Gems Sapphires v Thompson C @ Bemahague 2

I can see this being a very close game but one that I think Thompson C will take the win. Thompson have been performing well lately whereas Sapphires are going into this game after a loss last weekend.

12:00am C&S Joinery Green v C&S Joinery Yellow @ NSC 1

Like any club game this one will be an eagerly fought contest. C&S Green took an impressive win over Thompson last weekend whereas Yellows found in their previous game attacking a struggle. If Greens keep up the good work I can see them taking this win.

12:00am Route 1 Sparks v Bobby Sadler Young Farmers @ Bemahague 2

Both these teams are in the top half of the league table and there isn’t much between them. Although Young farmers will be going into this game after a win I think if the more experienced Route 1 Sparks play to their best, they will take the win.

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