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Riffle Shooting - Top shot with a 99 for Illiam Christian - what a birthday gift

Thu, 21 Nov 2013

Top score for Kirk Michael went to Illiam Christian who produced a 99 on his birthday – what a gift !
Top score for Kirk Michael went to Illiam Christian who produced a 99 on his birthday – what a gift !

Although no full houses (100) were shot, very close shooting and some surprise results were shot during this week’s league matches.


Kirk Michael produced a magnificent win at IoMSC Sandsiders, winning the match by two points with Illiam Christian celebrating his fifteenth birthday, heading the visitors on 99 – a terrific birthday gift! Castletown beat a rather dwindled team from Sulby, once again winning by two points and IoMSC Douglas had a tense match at Port St Mary but came away the victors by a single point in Division1. It appears that Laxey had the only result which was expected when they travelled to Sulby beating Cossacks quite convincingly. All in all a very eventful evening of competitive shooting which I am sure will make the season a very close encounter during the next few months.


With the Kirk Michael team headed by the young Christian’s 99, Tom Lord produced his best score of the year with a 98 closely followed by Suzanne McKnight on 97. The leading shots from IoMSC Sandsiders came from Bill Jones and Richard Arthur both posting 98’s. Although the home team lost Division 1, they claimed victory in both division 2 and 3.


A rather smaller than normal Sulby team travelled to The Stadium, Castletown and sadly left the losers in all three divisions. Top spot for the hosts went to Steve Gardner on 97 with Chris Birtwhistle and Nigel Christian both posting 96’s. Mark Cain and Peter Quayle matched the southerners 96’s for Sulby with Teddy Sayle, Orry Teare and Peter Webb completing the Division 1 team, on 95. 


A worthwhile trip over Snaefell went to Laxey when they arrived at Sulby Cossacks. A lower than recent score was shot by the home team but the visitors took the advantage and posted a Division 1 score of 483 to Cossacks 478. Recording 98, Alfie Leach led the Cossacks with Tim Hardisty and Jonathon Webb both close with 96. Stephen Curphey produced a magnificent 99 to top the Laxey Division 1 team with Suzanne Curphey and John Wood on 97.


An exceptionally close match was shot at Port St Mary range when IoMSC Douglas visited. IoMSC Douglas shooter Tony Leadley, found that although his rifle was present, his bag containing jacket, sling and tool’s, had not arrived and he initially decided not to shoot but after pressure from his team mates felt he could possibly make a contribution using borrowed kit and his decision proved valuable. The Division 1 result was a win for IoMSC Douglas by just a point but the southern club claimed wins in Divisions 2 and 3. The Ports score in Division 2, the top score in this division this week, was an excellent result with three junior shooters matching Derek Kermode’s 96.The evergreen Paul Clague led the home team with Harry Harrison both producing 98’s Kevan Kneale and Ashley Gardner were very close with 97’s. Top shot for the visitors went to Mark Osborn, Andy Potter and Tracey Skelton all matching the Ports top shots with 98’s.




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