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Badminton Report

Mon, 18 Nov 2013

Mixed Leagues


League 1


Citywing Vikings A 3 CuPlas St Ninians A 15


When St Ninians are able to field their full team of Neil Harding,Michael Harrison,Gregg Harrison,Chris Birch,Nicola Wilkinson,Jane Wooding,Sue Domingo and Sarah Corlett they are going to be difficult to beat.  Their strength in depth was evident on Thursday evening against a Vikings team who were fielding four teenagers which can only be good for their future.  Two matches went to three, at first mens where Vikings Matthew Nicholson and Kevin Harding took the first game 21/15 against Michael Harrison and Neil Harding before the St Ninians pair changed their game to win the next two 21/18 21/17.  Second mixed saw Vikings Harding and Yvonne Irvine taking the first 21/19 against Gregg Harrison and  Wooding before the St Ninians pair evened the match 21/18. The Vikings pair held their nerve to take the third game 21/18. SN


League 2


Nationwide Michael A 11 Microgaming Marown A 7


Sulby Glen Sulby 0 Duncan Lawrie Selborne A 16


League 3


Celton Fencibles B 5 CuPlas St Ninians B 13


Duncan Lawrie Selborne B 11 Duncan Lawrie Selborne C 8


Demonstrating strength in depth at Selborne, this was a hotly contested match ...lots of banter maybe, but no quarter given - both teams needing the points and all fought very hard for! Second mens went to the  B team with a 21/15, 21/17 win for Paul Griffiths and Neil Keatings.  However the C team second womens Gill Young and Jane Casey did well winning 17/21, 21/17, 21/15 against Anita Griffiths and Felicia Gawne. First mens played some good badminton and long rallies before Alan Ferguson and Roy Wilson beat Ray McMullen and nephew Neil McMullen 21/14, 21/19. Meanwhile another 'shock' at first ladies saw C team's Carol Kelly and Sue Young just win 22/20, 21/18 against Susie Stewart and Julie McLean in a good contest. Keatings and Gawne took fourth for B in two, before Chris Ewan and Gill Young reduced the C team's deficit winning 21/13, 21/16 versus Paul and Anita Griffiths. Both second and first mixed went to the  B team in three.  At second Ferguson and Stewart 21/11, 15/21, 21/17 against Ray McMullen and Sue Young, and at first Wilson and McLean 13/21, 21/17, 21/11 versus Neil McMullen and Kelly. The return is eagerly anticipated  RM


League 4


Royal London 360 Rushen B 11 Celtic Gold Peel A 8


League 5


Royal London 360 Rushen C 1 Ayre Mowers Sulby 16


Rushen’s second match of the season resulted in a convincing victory for Ayre Mowers Sulby at Castle Rushen High School Sports Hall. Sulby easily won first mens but at   second mens Rushen gained its only success of the night when Martin Blyth and Thomas Harmstone won the first game 21/5 but Sulby's Patrick Cooper-Woods and Robert Mylchreest came back to win the next two games 21/11 21/19. The final contest of the night at first mixed saw another close and long fought battle between Stuart Clarke and Louise Strickett defeated Jonny Weir and Caroline Whitehead 24/22/21/18. The Rushen  team had a number of reserves playing on this occasion, but some decent scores were registered DL.



CuPlas St Ninians C 4 Citywing Vikings C 12



Mens Leagues


League 1


Citywing Vikings A 205 Microgaming Marown A 233


The match started with wins for Vikings courtesy of Kevin Harding and Steve Allen and for Marown Danny O'Hare and Campbell Guy and Cameron Avery and Campbell Guy to leave Marown 16 points up at the half way stage. Marown’s O'Hare and Adam Colley won the first game 21/17 against Matthew Nicholson and Sam Mills before the Vikings pair took the next 21/18.  The next game was also shared with Allen and Mills taking the first 21/20 for Vikings with Colley and  Guy taking  the next 21/17 for Marown.  The final game between Harding and Nicholson and O'Hare and Avery was also shared 21/18 10/21 giving Marown the victory but Vikings kept the deficit to under 30 point to claim a point in what is looking like a very close league.


CuPlas St Ninians A 248 Duncan Lawrie Selborne A 173


League 6


PWC Castletown/Abbey C 250 Royal London 360 Rushen B 154


This match turned out to be a somewhat resounding win for Castletown/Abbey who overcame the (mostly) younger team fielded by RL360 Rushen. Of the twelve games played only one went Rushen's way when Thomas Harmstone and Jonny Weir managed to take one game 21-19 off Castletown's Ian Bell and Ewan Watterson. JT

Tynwald Celts B 231 Celton Fencibles D 187


Womens League



League 1


PWC Castletown/Abbey A 139 Microgaming Marown A 251


League 4


Microgaming Marown B 184 Tynwald Celts A 247


Tynwald Celts B 199 Duncan Lawrie Selborne C 233

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