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Archery Report‏

Sun, 26 Jun 2011

Extreme weather conditions hit again with winds gusting in all directions and at speed this really tested all archers to distraction but still managed to achieve six personal bests. These can from Anne Rutland putting in a blinder before the Island games, Colin Moore, Billy Lightfoot, Frank Vaughan, Adam Wright and Bradley Layton. Scores have not been published for any of the Island Games Team as we don’t want the other islands to get an insight as to what to expect.


Gents Recurve Fita result

Alex Snell                     Island Games Team Member

Dave Berry                   Island Games Team Member

Tony Hartley                Island Games Team Member


Gents Compound Fita result

Allan George                Island Games Team Member

Peter Mumford Island Games Team Member

Colin Moore                 141      1051    18        11        PB


Ladies Recurve Fita result

Anne Rutland                Island Games Team Member    PB


Ladies Compound Fita results

Sarah Rigby                  Island Games Team Member   

Aalin George                Island Games Team Member   


Gents Recurve Metric 3 result

Billy Lightfoot   144      1023    18        6          PB

Frank Vaughan 141      978     11        3          PB


Junior Compound Metric 3 result

Kirsten George 144      1216    63        15       


Ladies Recurve Long Metric result

Charlotte George          Island Games Team Member   


Ladies Recurve Short Metric result

Barbara Harris              68        485      4          0


Junior Recurve Short Metric 3 result

Adam Wright                72        544      8         3          PB

Bradley Layton 72        532      9         3          PB

Charlotte Harris            67        446      3         0


The Island Games Archery Team would like to take this opportunity to thank all their sponsors 2e2 (IOM) Ltd, D.Q. Bairstow – Window Consultants, M Callow – Drains IOM, Manx Petroleum, Freeport Services Ltd, E Brew – Painter & Decorator Promenade Shirts for their help printing the shirts, 4Hire for re-arranging the seating in the minibus for us and Shoprite for allowing us to conduct bag-packs in their stores to raise funds for the Games. And the club would like to wish the team all the luck and bring home the bling.

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