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Peel Viking Longboat Races 2022

It's nearly here!

If you want to get involved as a volunteer, and for all info and updates on practicing, head over to their facebook page.

Listen to Energy FM for interviews with the organisers and also on July 2nd, when Energy FM will be broadcasting at Peel LIVE.

This year's rowing order is as follows:

Whitehouse Vikings
Greeba Goats
Sons of Anaghcoar
Pacific Fund Systems
In Deep Ship
Bright Beginnings
The Floaters
Stewart Clague Services
Barbarian Brutes
Patrick Park Rangers
Farghers Liftmen
Manx Petroleum Tankers
Team Gold
IQ-EQ Mens
IC+P Diggin Deep
Foxdale FC
Western Vikings RUFC
Southern Young Farmers Mens
Ramsey RUFC
Sheepskull Enduro Riders Mens
Northern Young Farmers Mens
Peel Lifeboat

Valkyrie Vixens
Whatever Floats Your Boat
Ship Just Got Real! Becka's Mates
Castletown Hockey Club
Miracles of Madness
Billy's Boys (YF Tug of War Team)
IQ-EQ Ladies
Henry Who
Busty Barbarians
Northern Young Farmers Ladies
Central Young Farmers Ladies
Team Ginger
No Oar-Dinary Mums
Sheepskull Enduro Riders Ladies
Peel Girls are the Boys
Southern Young Farmers Ladies
Hey Bouys

Absolutely Shipfaced
Adventure Club
ICU Naked
Barbarian Chaos
Nedbank Warriors
Utmost International
Hustle and Muscle CF IOM
Angry Pirates
Restricted Perfomance
RGS Vikings
Central Young Farmers Mixed
Farghers and Cougars
IQ-EQ Mixed
Captain goes down with the Ship
Northern Young Farmers Mixed
JTC Trustees
Isle of Man Bank
Eastern Young Farmers
Work Hard, Play Hard, Row Hard
Rowing Pains CF IOM
Sheepskull Enduro Riders Mixed
Active Souls
Raven Raiders
Western Wildfire
Long Deep Strokers

Last year's results are below.

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